How much does the IntelliWheels X2 weigh and how much width does it add?

The IntelliWheels X2 adds 9.5 lbs to the weight of your wheelchair and will make your chair 1”-1.5” wider.


Can I use the IntelliWheels X2 outside?

The IntelliWheels X2 was designed to be the ideal product to be used in your home, however it works equally well outside. The gearing system is sealed securely in a weather resistant housing and will function perfectly even when submerged in water.


Will insurance cover it? Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

The IntelliWheels X2 is not covered by insurance and does not require a prescription. It is a cash upgrade to improve the function of your wheelchair.


Does the wheelchair still fold with the IntelliWheels X2 on it?

Your wheelchair will fold just like normal with the IntelliWheels X2 mounted on it.


Is there a battery?

The IntelliWheels X2 does not use any batteries or motors. You will never have to worry about running out of battery and having to recharge.


Do I need to learn anything new? Does it make it harder to turn? Can I still push backwards?

You push on the hand rims to go forwards, backwards or to turn just like normal, and the IntelliWheels X2 makes it twice as easy. Simple as that.


Will the IntelliWheels X2 help me go faster?

Much like shifting to a low gear on a bicycle the IntelliWheels X2 will make it much easier to push, but it will not make you any faster.


Will it work with my wheelchair?

The IntelliWheels X2 works with any foldable box frame wheelchair.


Does the IntelliWheels X2 make it easier for a caretaker to push the wheelchair?

The geared advantage of the IntelliWheels X2 makes it much easier for the person sitting in the wheelchair to push, but it does not make it easier for a caretaker pushing the chair from behind. It does not, however, make it any harder for to push from behind.


Does the IntelliWheels X2 work if you only push with one arm?

The IntelliWheels X2 unfortunately does not currently work with one-arm drive systems. If you push with one arm while “foot scooting” the IntelliWheels X2 may still be a viable option to make pushing easier.


Is the IntelliWheels X2 made in the US?

Yes, the IntelliWheels X2 is manufactured in the US.  In fact, final assembly is done in Rantoul, Illinois.