Introducing the sWeel

The Lightest Wheel on the Planet

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Pre-Order the sWeel (shipping June, 1  2015)

Born in sweden,

made for the world

Designed by TiArrow in Sweden and distributed in the United States by IntelliWheels, the sWeel is the lightest wheel on the planet.

The hub is a masterful combination of 3k carbon fiber, 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum, and the highest quality ceramic ball bearings. Super strong DT Revolution spokes are connected to a top-of-the-line aluminum 6069 rim. Weighing in at 1.2 lbs per wheel, the finished product offers a solid rigidity and a featherweight feel.

Wheel                                    Weight                                   MSRP

Topolino                                 1.30 lbs.                                $1,295

Spinergy SLX                         1.61 lbs.                                  $895

sWeel                                     1.20 lbs.                                 $895

       *weights are measured without a tire, hand rim, or axle