Hear from the people who already use it and love it.

The advantage I found is that it is much easier to get around. You feel freer.
— Joann - Resident at Clark Lindsey Assisted Living Facility
I like it! It’s not as hard to push, you don’t have to feel like you are really yanking on it to go.
— Peggy - Resident at Champaign County Nursing Home
She (Peggy) was really receptive to this technology. Power chairs can be very intimidating, and it was not intimidating to her and it was very intuitive for her to figure out how to push the chair around. She liked the design because she said she was able to grab onto the push rims and it was much easier than her regular wheelchair.
— Jean -Occupational Therapist at Champaign County Nursing Home
Since Joann started working with the IntelliWheels chair, she has really blossomed and bloomed. She’s really connecting again.”
“One of the things that the [X2] allows for is the resident to stay strong and mobile. It helps with their confidence, they stay strong, they get more independent.”
“It’s allowed for some of our individuals to stay in assisted living level of care as opposed to a skilled level of care and that in insurance and reimbursement alone is just huge for the state.
— Kellijo –Restorative Nurse / Wellness Coordinator at Clark-Lindsey