Check out the live site in our partnership with Per4max

Per4max makes high quality sports wheelchairs for sports and everyday life.  They came to us looking for a way to let their users customize their chairs online, and we got straight to work buillding a whole new section of their website.  We launched Tinker on per4max.fit which now servers as Per4max's virtual order forms for their chairs.


Customize your new wheelchair online

Think of Tinker as a virtual order form for your wheelchair. Instead of the old black and white order form, users, dealers, and clinicians can use the Tinker system to design a new wheelchair in a fun and playful way. Users see a 3D rendering and a clear list of options as they step through the process of designing their chair. Users can play with colors and features, and “tinker” with the design until it’s just right.

Tinker for your brand

The team at IntelliWheels built Tinker to work with DME manufacturers and resellers. It is meant to be seamlessly integrated into your existing website. We change the colors and logos to match your brand, and we load your product catalog into the system. 

Partner with us

IntelliWheels is looking for partners to help bring the Tinker configurator experience to the whole market.

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